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Wyreside Lakes

Wyreside Lakes Fishery

Sunnyside Farmhouse

Bay Horse

Near Lancaster


Tel : 01524 792093

Website : Wyreside Lakes

Fish Species - *Specimen Carp*

Bream, Carp, Perch, Pike, Roach, Rudd & Tench

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We are open for fishing all year excluding Christmas day and Boxing Day.

Pike fishing is only allowed between the 1st October and 31st March.

Doubling up on swims is not allowed. Each swim is designated for one angler - juniors (15 and under) may fish with their parent / guardian.

Only fishing bivvys are acceptable - Tents of any kind are not allowed.

Strictly barbed hooks only on all carp waters - Barbless hooks may be used for coarse angling on Fox’s lake only.

All anglers fish on Wyreside Lakes at their own risk. All anglers must sign in on arrival at reception.

Strictly no whole nuts or pellets of any kind to be used. Only pellets purchased on the fishery can be used – these are non-oil based.

‘Sensible’ rigs must be used, and in the event of line breakage the ‘lead’ must be able to free itself from the rest of the terminal tackle easily.

Swimming and tree climbing are strictly forbidden.

No leaders of any kind to be used. No lead core of any kind to be used including Korda safety zone leaders. Braid can be used on marker rods and spod rods only.

Main line only. This must be a minimum of 15 lb. breaking strain. On the coarse lake (Foxs) 6lb min may be used.

All anglers must observe a maximum 3 rod limit (4 rods are allowed for pike fishing and carp in the winter months only). No rods may be left unattended with lines cast in or with baited hooks, this includes marker floats. Anglers must hold the appropriate EA licenses.

No remote controlled bait boats or floating aids to be used for baiting swims.

All fish, of any kind, must be returned to the water as quickly as possible after being caught. It is a condition that all anglers have proper landing nets and unhooking mats for the catchment and weighing of fish. Fish can be sacked for a minimum amount of time for photography purposes only and must be returned with care as soon as possible. Anglers must remember to disinfect their fishing nets / keep nets before entering the Fishery. Keep nets can only be used with silvers - strickly no carp to be kept in nets and a maxium of 30lbs in weight at any one time.

All visitors (Including season ticket visitors) must report into reception before entering onto the property. Visitors are not allowed to drive around the fishery and must park in the main car park adjacent to the security barrier. They must also pay the appropriate parking fee and display the ticket in their vehicle window.

Anglers must behave responsibly with regards to the intake of alcohol when fishing on the lakes. We uphold a ZERO TOLERANCE TO DRUGS policy and we are in direct contact with Lancaster police station.

If you have a guest they must be signed in & a camping fee must be paid at reception-(see campsite pricelist for seasonal variations) this is to cover the usage of amenities such as the toilets & showers. Any other friends or relatives who wish to stay must do so in the camping field or any of the other accommodation at Wyreside Lakes.

Access to the Lakes with vehicles is via the gravel track. All vehicles on the Fishery must abide by the 10 mph speed limit. Cars must be parked in the designated parking areas. Vehicles must not be parked alongside or at the back of the swims unless parking spaces are allocated - i.e. all roadside swims on Sunnyside 1, Sunnyside 2 and River lakes and also swims 1-5 on Banton’s. Under no circumstances should vehicles be driven around the lakes or on any grassed areas.

Anglers should note that the Fishery entrance will be secured at night. The main gate will be locked at 10.30pm and re-opened at the scheduled times. There is an emergency service for overnight anglers but this is strictly for serious emergencies only. Work call outs and disputes are not classed as an emergency.

The security barrier is manned until 10pm in the summer months and 5pm in the winter months. All anglers must report their catch status to a member of staff in reception on leaving and the barrier will be raised. Members are not allowed to raise the barrier themselves from reception.

No fires or loud CD players / radios are permitted. 1 dog per angler is permitted - dogs must be on a lead and dog foul must be cleared up. Any angler not adhering to this rule will be asked to leave the premises without refund.

All litter, including discarded lines, hooks and baits must be taken when leaving the Fishery. There is a bin area in front of reception.

There will be no day visitors permitted after dark –see the board at reception for last admission times. Pre booked overnight guests are still admitted as long as they arrive during reception open times. Please remember to inform any day visitors that they must park in the top car park and walk to your swim.

Any Anglers (including members) who use the bar at the weekends must ensure that their rods are not left in the water and understand that all their equipment is left at their own risk. You will be allowed a sociable drink only - any evidence of excess alcohol will result in refusal of service by the bar manager. Under no circumstances should you drive from the bar back to your swim - anyone found doing this will be asked to leave (without refund) the property in the morning and given an automatic ban.

No weapons of any kind may be taken onto the Fishery.

If you have a fishing dispute with any other angler which cannot be reasonably settled, please call reception on 01524 792093 and ask for bailiff assistance.

Please ensure that you keep all your fishing tackle and equipment within eyesight, where possible, leave your bivvy door unzipped and open. Any equipment such as spare rods, spod or marker rods, bank sticks etc not being used should be packed down and stored in your car or bivvy. Wherever possible try to fix the volumes on your alarms so they cannot be removed without noise. Please report anything suspicious, 24hrs a day, to our bailiffs on either- 07443117871 or 07739039307 or 07947772026. If possible make sure all your fishing tackle is insured for use on the bank, both day and night. Most reputable insurers will cover this if asked. The tackle company, Korda, now offer a specific insurance for anglers. Unfortunately thieves do operate in this area (as commonly found in and around most commercial fisheries) although we have CCTV cameras, a barrier and the main entrance gate; there are several other access points around the fishery and public rights of way which are difficult to monitor 24hrs a day.

These rules and regulations are there to ensure all visitors at Wyreside Lakes have a safe and pleasant stay. Any persons found not complying with any of the above regulations will immediately be asked to leave without refund.

We reserve the right to alter any of the fishery rules and regulations at any time should it be necessary to do so.


We allow pike fishing on Wyre, Banton’s, Sunny 1 & Sunny 2 and River lakes. Pike anglers are allowed to use a maximum of 4 rods. You must bring /purchase your own bait – you cannot use the fishery freshwater livestock.

Semi Barbed trebles.

Spinning and dead bait only, fresh or sea.

Adequate size and depth unhooking mat.

Forceps and side cutters (hook cutters) must be used at all times.

36" min landing net.

15lb min line mono, 30lb min braided mainline can be used.