• Union Canal

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Union Canal

Falkirk - Edinburgh

Controlling Rights :

Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling

Fish Species

Bream, Carp, Eels, Gudgeon, Perch,

Pike, Roach, Rudd, Tench & Trout

All that is required to fish this canal is an annual £5.00 membership to the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling This membership also allows access to 30 miles of the Union Canal

  • All fish are to be returned to the water alive and unharmed

  • Maximum of 3 rods -rods are not to be spaced more than 5 metres apart

  • No fish are to be removed from, or introduced to the canal

  • Do not leave any litter, bait or groundbait on the canal towpath. All line must be removed and safety disposed of

  • No fishing in or within 25 metres of a lock or swing bridge or at designated moorings where so signed

  • No fires

  • Anglers must not block towpath with fishing equipment