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Townsend Lakes Fishery

Townsend Road



PE14 9HJ

Tel : 01945 774 008

Website : Townsend Lakes Fishery

Fish Species

Barbel, Bream, Carp, Chub, Ide,

Orfe, Perch Roach, Rudd & Tench

March through to October open at 7am every day & close at 7pm - Summer months 8pm closing. October to February open at 8am & close at dusk

Day Ticket

1 Rod

2 Rods




Juniors (under 15)






Evening Ticket after 4pm



You must pay at shop before fishing

All landing nets must be dipped in the tank provided before and after fishing

Every angler must have their own landing net, no sharing as all fish must be netted

Cuckoo canal fishery own landing nets must be used

Landing nets can be hired for £1 if you don't have one

Every angler must have a disgorger (not forceps)

No keep nets (except for matches - fishery keep nets only for all matches)

Barbless hooks only (no micro or pinched barbed)

The maximum hook sizes are - The Kingfisher lake size 8, the Woodpecker Pool, Cuckoo Canal  & Kestrel size 14

Never leave rods or poles unattended whilst in the water even if your rod is on a bait runner if you get off your peg bring your line out of the water

No braid even on a hook length

No nuts or imitation baits (plastic baits) no maggot rings

No trout pellets (carp pellets are fine)

Bread only allowed on the Kingfisher Lake - not allowed on any other lake

Do not swap lakes under any circumstances

There must be a minimum of 12" between pole or rod tip and float

A minimum of 12" line between hook and float stem

All lines must have a float, feeder or bomb attached

No floating pole

Do not handle any fish with a  cloth even if it is wet, best way to handle fish e.g tench is by using the landing net

Please handle all fish with care - hold fish low to the ground for photos so they don’t drop on the floor -  place back into the water with care, do not throw fish back

If fishing for carp an unhooking mat is required this is also to be dipped in the dip tank

All unsupervised juniors must stay on their peg and not run around or shout across to each other

No litter

Woodpecker Pool, Kestrel & Cuckoo Canal

On these pools only 1 rod is allowed and no floating baits are permitted

On the Cuckoo Canal & Kestrel only fishery feed pellets allowed - available to buy from shop at £1 a bag

Any hook pellets may be used on the hook, just not loosefed

Hook checks are done regularly