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Tilgate Park

Titmus Drive



RH10 5PQ

Tel : 01293 521 168

Crawley Borough Council

Fish Species

Bream, Carp, Perch, Pike, Roach & Tench



Junior / Senior Citizen


Fishing is 7.30 am till sunset

All anglers must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence

Anglers may fish from sections of the bank which are identified and set apart for the purpose of fishing.

The use of un-hooking mats is compulsory where specimen fish are the quarry of the angler.

Only barbless hooks are to be used in short or medium shank patterns, the use of long shanked hooks is not permitted.

The use of treble hooks is permitted for pike fishing only. Treble hooks are permitted to have a single barb on each set of trebles for the purpose of bait retention. No more than two treble hooks are permitted per rig.

Fixed lead rigs are not permitted. All rigs must be free running or semi fixed to ensure that no fish is tethered in the event of becoming snagged or in the event of a breakage in the main line.

Artificial lead shot is the only shot permitted.

A maximum of two rods per angler may be used at one time.

Anglers shall neither kill nor remove any fish from the lakes.

Tackle left unattended may be removed.

It is a statutory offence to deposit litter in a public place. Food, bait, dead fish, bottles, paper or other litter shall neither be thrown into the water nor left on either the banks or in other parts of the immediate area.

The quantity of bait allowed during a single period is limited as follows. A total maximum of 2kg dry weight of ground bait is permitted per angler in any 24 hours at a single water. A total maximum of 4 pints of particles is permitted per angler in any 24 hour period at a single water. This total can be made up of a variety of different particles but the total amount must not exceed 4 pints. Particles include items such as hemp, maggots, casters, pellets, sweetcorn, bollies, maize, seeds, pulses and nuts etc.