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Tatton Park Mere

Tatton Park


WA16 6QN

Tel : 01625 374 400

Tatton Park

Fish Species

Bream, Carp, Eel, Pike, Perch, Roach & Tench

Day ticket



Children under 12


Buy tickets on the bank before 10.00am (11.00am Low Season) & thereafter should be purchased on entry at the Knutsford or Rostherne gates & will include current park admission charges.

Match Bookings - Up to 40 pegs can be arranged by calling the office

Fishing Closed Season: 15th March 2011 to 15th

Live bait & the use of coarse fish dead baits are not allowed

No bloodworm & Joker

Barbless hooks only allowed (incl. lures)

Fishing from boats is not allowed

Please take your litter home

Please be aware of other Park users safety

Discarded nylon line and hooks are a hazard to visitors, animals & wildlife,please ensure they are removed from the Park

  • Entry before 10am is via Rostherne Gate which opens at 7am

  • Wading is allowed but extreme caution must be taken as there are steep drops into DEEP WATER

  • Should disabled anglers need a helper to assist in drop-off and removal of vehicle, then one helper may fish free of charge on the day

Parking :

  • All vehicles must park in the car park at the Knutsford entrance