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Swillington Park

Garden Cottage

Coach Road



LS26 8QA

Tel : 0113 286 9129

Website : Swillington Park

Fish Species

Barbel, Bream, Carp, Ide, Orfe,

Perch, Roach, Rudd & Tench

Day Tickets - Lakes 1,2,3 & 5





Lake 4 (Specimen Carp)


Night Fishing - All Lakes - Book In Advance

Night Fishing - 24 Hours




Season Tickets - Lakes 1,2,3,4 & 5



Adult with parking


Over 65 / Disabled (inc parking)


Season ticket with night fishing


Match Prices :

Matches are charged at the same rate as day tickets. The minimum booking for a match is 10 anglers (£70.00) which must be paid at the time of booking as a deposit.

Opening Times :

  • Open at 7:00 am (8:00am in Winter)
  • Closes at sunset / 10:00 pm (whichever is earlier)

Gates will be locked at 30 minutes after earliest closing time - A £20.00 call-out fee will be charged for unlocking the gates after the stated time and for any callout due to unauthorised use of the disabled access gate.

Swillington Park is a catch and release fishery, do not remove fish from the fishery alive or dead. All fish to be returned alive to the water as soon as possible. Report all fish deaths. Any removal of fish from the fishery will be treated as theft and will result in prosecution under schedule 1 section 2 of the theft act.

We reserve the right to spot check any angler or vehicle to ensure fish are not being removed, transferred illegally, or stolen.

You must purchase a valid ticket before entering the fishery unless otherwise notified at the fishery office.

All tickets entitle the holder only access to the fishery tickets must be retained for inspection and are not transferable - any non fishing visitors must register before entering, this applies to anyone accompanying a ticket holder, an entrance fee may be payable.

We reserve the right to refuse admission and service to anyone at any time with or without reason and to cancel tickets at our absolute discretion.

No keep nets

Barbless hooks only

Bait boxes only

Litter kills animals take it home, you are responsible for the cleanliness of the peg you are fishing.

For safety and security cctv is in operation at the fishery.

To fish you must have a valid uk rod licence, a valid swillington park fishing day, night, or season ticket

Any day, night or season ticket found in the possession of any person other than the named holder while fishing will be cancelled.

Rod licence and tickets must be carried at all times and produced when requested for inspection.

You must fish only the lakes specified on your ticket, no fishing of any other waters at any time

Anglers must at no time enter upon farm property or any adjoining property.

You must not in any way remove, damage or interfere with the any of the vehicles, machinery or equipment on the fishery and farm site.

You must not break or damage any fence, tree, shrub or hedge, remove or interfere with water fowl, swans, other wild life or livestock, or take the eggs of any bird.

Vehicles must be parked only on the fishery car park.

All vehicles and contents are left at all times entirely at their owner’s risk - Swillington Park fishing accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft to any vehicle or property however caused.

All gates must be closed immediately after entry or exit.

Disabled access is for disabled anglers only - to obtain the number you must register at the fishery office, this number must not be shared with anyone.

Vehicles requiring lakeside access must follow the hard surface to the lakes and park so as not to obstruct access and always at a safe distance from the water’s edge.

Any vehicle that becomes stuck and needs to be recovered will incur a fee.

Bait must be brought onto the fishery in bait boxes only - all bait must be removed from cans and plastic packaging before entering the fishery.

No nuts or dried seeds.

Use ground bait in moderation

Do not dump spare bait in any of the waters or on site

Do not feed bait or anything else to livestock, or any animals.

The wrong food can cause serious illness or death for which you will be liable

You must not bring any fish or fish spawn, including any fish intended to be used as livebait onto the fishery

We only charge for one rod, you may fish with the number of rods displayed on your ticket but we reserve the right to restrict the use of extra rods

You must fish with one rod only if you are visited or accompanied by someone without a valid ticket - using more than one rod in these circumstances will automatically result in a £10 charge payable by you, on behalf of your guest who will be presumed to be fishing with you.

You must take in extra rods if they interfere with a neighboring pegs swim. Do not fish across other pegs. Do not fish or occupy more than 1 peg at once

It is illegal to leave a rod unattended while fishing.

Never leave rods unattended while fishing.

If you need to leave your swim, all lines should be retrieved and the hooks secured to the rod. Never leave rods on the bank with hooks still baited, as these food items could be picked up by birds or animals.

Use a disgorger and unhooking mat where possible.

Carp anglers must use a carp sized landing net (min 30″) and unhooking mat.

Rigs caught up in bank side vegetation, branches or underwater snags must be removed immediately where it is practical and safe to do so - report lost tackle if you cannot recover it.

Drunken behavior and under-age drinking will not be tolerated - any alcohol brought on site must be consumed responsibly and by over 18s only.

No dogs allowed.

No radios or music players that cause a nuisance to other anglers.

Do not light fires or barbecues.

No firearms, including airguns, to be brought on site.

Swimming and wading are not permitted in any circumstances.

Junior anglers (16 & under) must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over) at all times - the accompanying adult is responsible for the juniors behaviour and liable for any damage caused.