• Queens Park Lake

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Queens Park Lake

Queen's Park Drive



Tel : 01270 537 777

Crewe & Nantwich Council

Fish Species

Bream, Perch, Roach & Tench

  • Adult day ticket £6.20

  • Junior day ticket (up to age 18) £3.10

  • 2nd Rod £3.10

  • Matches £6.20 per entrant

All fish must be returned to the water and not kept in a keep-net

No spinning or Live or Dead Baiting

Strictly No pre-baiting prior to fishing

No Beach caster rigs

One rod only to be used with one hook and this must not be left unattended. A second rod may be used, however this will incur an additional charge

Strictly no casting beyond half way across the lake or half way between pegs

All unused bait must be taken home and not thrown into the water or onto the grass areas surrounding the lake

Loose feeding is allowed in moderation but must be kept to an absolute minimum

No fish to be taken away from the water. All fish are to be returned to the lake

Use of non-toxic weights only - No lead shot to be used

Carp Rigs - The use of permanently fixed leads is strictly forbidden - Use only running or semi - fixed rigs

No litter or discarded line/tackle to be left on the bank

No motorbikes or vehicles to enter the park other than disabled person's vehicles

Public toilets to be used at all times

Strictly no use of the following baits: -

Groundbait of any kind including mashed bread



Surface floating baits - e.g. floating crust, mixers or similar baits

Nuts of any description

Trout pellets


Chick Peas

Maple Peas

Beans of any description