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Old Mill Lakes

The Old Mill Cottage

Market Rasen



Tel : 01673 828 265

Website : Old Mill Lakes

Fish Species

Carp (large)

Tickets must be booked in advance & payment will be taken in full at time of booking

Tickets - Birch


Tickets - Willow


Day - 7am - 7pm


Day - 7am - 7pm


23hrs - 12pm - 11am


23hrs - 12pm - 11am


Toilets, shower, freezer & electrical charging points are available on site

We do not allow lake viewings at Old Mill. This decision have been taken with angler's best interests at heart. It will allow people to fish in peace and quiet, safe in the knowledge that both themselves and their equipment is as safe as possible.

An Environment Agency licence is required to fish on these premises.

The fishery allows a maximum of three rods be used at any one time per angler (2 licences are required to fish 3 rods).

For the purposes of security, night fishermen's vehicles will be locked on site from fishery closing time until opening time the following morning (7pm till 7am). Anglers may only leave the site during closing hours for emergencies only. Please ensure that takeaways are ordered by 6pm to leave enough time for your order to arrive before the gate closes.

Non-fishing night guests are limited to 1 per fisherman per night and must pay a £5.00 insurance premium.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on Birch. Children may fish on Willow but must be accompanied by a fee paying adult (whether that adult is fishing or purely supervising). There are no concessions given for any of the lakes.

Under no circumstances are vehicles to be driven onto the lakeside - Parking in designated areas only.

Anyone caught entering the fishery outside hours will be treated as a criminal and may be prosecuted. In the event that the person/s entering the site are found to be doing so to visit an angler, the angler will also be asked to leave. No trespassing onto adjourning fields or railway.

No fires or unsupported BBQs. No loud radios or TVs.

No litter, including cigarettes and tea bags. A bin is provided, please use it.

Toilet facilities are provided 24 hours each day. Use them or you will be banned.

No wading, swimming, walking on ice or using the onsite boat.

Alcohol is to be used sensibly and in moderation. Any bad behaviour caused by its abuse will result in you being banned.

Treat other anglers with respect. No poaching swims or casting over lines, only fish the water designated to your swim.

No dogs to be brought onto the site.

A 5 MPH speed limit is in force on the entire complex, do not ignore it.

Fishing Guidelines

Cradle style or large European size un-hooking mats to be used on all lakes at all times. Large landing nets only (36inch minimum). This is per angler; sharing of nets and unhooking mats is not permitted.

All fish are to be returned to the water safely and as quickly as possible. This is to be done via the use of a safety weigh sling. Any abuse of the fish will result in the angler being banned.

No tents, windbreaks or non-fishing related camping gear to be used. Recognisable fishing bivvies or umbrellas only.

Fishing is from recognisable swims or pegs only. Your rods must be set up in the same peg as your bivvy/umbrella, rods must not be left unattended.

Barbless hooks only. No bent hooks, braided mainline or fixed leads (semi-fixed is fine but lead must be able to free itself from the rig); safety rigs only. No leadcore, leaders, wire traces, treble hooks, live bait, dead bait or lure/spinning fishing.

Baitboats are only permitted on Willow. The use of baitboats on Birch is forbidden.

No keepnets or sacking of fish.

Minimum 2lb test curve rods to be used. No sea fishing tackle or light coarse/match fishing gear to be used. Minimum 15lb breaking strain line to be used. Unsuitable tackle will be confiscated.

No nuts or particles. Maggots and sweetcorn can only be used during the months November till February.