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Lenton Lakes

Brampton Road


PE28 0UR

Tel : 07788 409 301

Website : Lenton Lakes

Fish Species

Bream, Carp, Eels, Perch, Pike, Roach, Rudd & Tench

Carp 20lb, Bream 14lb, Tench 11lb, as well as large Pike and Eels

Day Ticket - Non Members


Dawn till dusk


Evening ticket - 5pm till dusk


Night fishing - 24hrs


Annual Membership

Both lakes


Membership 24/7


Memberships day only


Carp Experience

Spend a full day at Lenton Lakes with an experienced carp angler. Full set of equipment plus bait supplied. You will learn abouts rigs, casting, baiting, tactics, carp care, and much more. You also recieve A4 size colour photo as a momento of your day out.

  • Price per person £50

Unhooking mats to be used at all times

No Dogs

Keepnets can be used for silver fish only up to 4lb in weight

No Carp or Tench to be retained in nets - No sacs to be used

No Fires – portable BBQs may be used

No excessive alcohol

No loud music/noise

Please use marked entrances only

Barbless hooks only on Lenton lake one

Barbed hooks can be used on Lenton Lakes two

You can only fish one swim at a time unless stalking

Fish safe rigs must be used at all times, ensure your leads can break free

Under 16′s must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 21

Do not leave rigs in the water while not a your swim. We do allow you to do so up to a distance of one swim in either direction or a max of 20 yards.

Pike fishing Allowed on Lenton Lakes two only

No live baiting

Sea deadbaits allowed

Coarse fish deadbaits must be shop bought ie pre-packed

Long forceps must be used and you must be in possession of side cutters

Do not venture onto adjoining farm land for any purpose

Please take all your rubbish home with you

Please note that we adopt zero tolerance to any persons causing a nuisance or otherwise interfering with other fishermen