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Lake John Fishery

Aimes Green

Galley Hill

Waltham Abbey


Tel : 07958 938 152

Website : Lake John Fishery

Fish Species

Bream, Carp, Chub, Gudgeon,

Perch, Roach & Tench

Gates open 7am and close 5pm Tuesday to Sunday - closed every Monday

Day Tickets

1 Rod

2 Rods







Half Day



  • Cafe on site which is open on weekends from 8am to 12pm during summer months

General Rules

No driving on the banks to the pegs - Speed limit 5MPH

No Litter to be left on the bank, use bins provided

No discarding of bait on the bank, or in the lake

No fish are to be taken from the fishery

No Fires

No fishing between swims

No holding pegs for friends or family that are arriving late

All landing nets must be dry before being used at the fishery

Two rods maximum on the lakes

Use toilets provided

Rules For Carp Anglers

No night fishing

No boilies, bolt rigs, barbed hooks, beach casting, nuts, paste, fixed method feeders, bait boats

No braid to the hook links, strictly mono

No Fires or barbeques

No carp sacking at any time

No walking with fish along the bank

Two rods maximum

All fish must be released back to the water in the safety of a weight sling or net, not by hand

Un hooking mats must be used at all times

Match Angler Rules

No boilies

No cat meat

No paste

No balling of ground bait

No discarding bait after the match

No blood worm or joker

No fixed feeders

No method feeder, minimum hook length 6", no tucking bait in feeders

No barbed hooks

No floating baits, hooked or loose fed

No feeding a line while fishing another, unless loose feeding via hand

No walking fish along the bank, call for assistance

No fish hooked after the final whistle are allowed to be put in the keep net

No litter

No rods or baited lines to be left unattended during the match

One rod only at any one time

Rod must not be left unattended at any time

All nets are supplied

Maximum hook size is 14

Match times must be obeyed, six hours maximum

All pegs are feeder pegs but there are only nine island pegs pegs 11, 12, 13, left bank 29, 30, 31, back bank, 34, 35, 36, right bank

Agree your feeder line with the surrounding anglers

Hand lining is permitted via the elastic bung

POWER CABLES on front bank please be carefully, no long poles

All fishing must stop on the final whistle, poles and lines must be out of the water

Any fish hooked before the final whistle will be allowed 15 minutes to land the fish