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High Woods Country Park

Turner Road




Tel : 01206 282 913

Colchester Council

Fish Species

Carp, Perch, Roach & Tench

You must buy a day ticket in advance from Radcliffe’s Tackle Shop, 150 High Street,Colchester.

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Closed season from 16 March to 15 June inclusive.

Fishing is NOT allowed before 7am or after sunset or 9pm, whichever is the earlier.

A maximum of two rods per angler only is permitted at this lake.

Lead weights are not permitted, and only barbless hooks may be used.

All fish caught must be returned alive to the water.

All anglers must be in possession of a landing net.

No keep nets are permitted.

The catching and using of fish as live bait is not permitted.

No tents or other structures are permitted other than an umbrella.

No fires or stoves. No unused bait or discarded fishing tackle to be left. Tackle MUST not be left unattended.

No litter is to be left or discarded on site.

No damage to be caused to bank-side vegetation or wildlife. Fishing to be from designated swims and from the bank and not from in the water.

The day/season ticket and current Environment Agency rod licence must be produced for inspection on the request of the Rangers or other Officers of the Council.

Any child 11 years and under MUST be accompanied by someone of at least 16 years or older.

Fly fishing is not permitted.

To prevent overfishing they limit the number of people who are allowed to fish, by selling only 120 season permits a year and only 6 day permits per day.