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Greenhalgh Lodge Fishery

Greenhalgh Lane




Tel : 01253 836 348

Website : Greenhalgh Lodge Fishery

Fish Species

Carp, Roach & Tench

Opening Times 7am till 8pm seven days a week

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The following Baits are banned:

Trout pellets, Swimstem, Bloodworm/Joker, Boilies, Cereal baits, Nuts, Floating baits, Ground bait including: Method Mix, All "High Oil", Pellets (ie. Halibut Pellets)

The following Baits are allowed:

Greenhalgh Carp Pellets, Corn, Meat, Maggot, Hemp, Casters, Worms, Prawn, Mussels

  • No surface fishing
  • Conventional wagglers only (5 grams maximum)
  • No bolt rigs
  • Feeders or Bombs must be free running
  • No splash wagglers or scuds
  • No candles
  • Anyone found using these illegal means will be asked to leave
  • Unhooking mats are compulsory and must be dipped
  • Barbless Hooks only, Minimum 16's, Maximum 10's
  • Minimum line 6lbs
  • No braid or similar hooks lengths
  • Feeders or bombs must be free running
  • Strictly no keep nets, landing nets must be dipped
  • 1 Rod limit and pole elastics must be 14's & over
  • Fishing is only allowed on dedicated pegs
  • No littering, all rubbish must be removed
  • No rods are to be left unattended
  • No 'beach caster' method allowed
  • No dogs are allowed on the fishery
  • Cigarettes are not to be thrown into the lake, please use a makeshift ashtray

  • Remove all discarded line. Leftover baits must not be discarded, but taken away or put in the bins provided

  • Weighing of individual fish must be done at the peg - The fish must not be carried around the lake for weighing purposes

  • Our opening times are 7:00am till 8pm. Entry onto the lake is prohibited after 4.30pm. The car park must be vacated by 8:00pm latest