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Elphicks Fisheries

Spelmonden Road



TN12 8EL

Tel : 01580 212 512

Website : Elphicks Fisheries

Fish Species - *Specimen Carp Waters*

Bream, Carp, Catfish, Chub, Dace, Perch, Roach, Rudd & Tench

It is advisable to book well in advance of your planned session by phoning the Lodge on 01580 212 512, day sessions may not be pre-booked. Bookings may be made up to 6 weeks in advance

North Lake, Pullens Lake and Westend Lake - adult (over 17) only, minimum tackle requirements apply*

Specimen Lake Prices

3 rods 24hrs - £40

3 rods day - £25

3 rods 36hrs - £50

4 day session / 3 Nights - £120

3 rods 48hrs - £60

5 day session/ 4 Nights - £140

3 rods 60hrs - £70

6 day session / 5 Nights - £160

3 rods 72hrs - £80

7 day session / 6 Nights - £180

*Minimum tackle requirements: 42" net, 42" unhooking mat, no sharing allowed

Sandwich Lake & Kettles Lake

Adult Full Day

Adult Half Day -After 1pm Only

Adult 1 rod day - £9

2 rod 1/2 day - £7.50

Adult 2 rod day - £13.50

Adult 2 rod 24hr - £20

Concessions & Junior Half Day -After 1pm Only

Adult 2 rod 36hr - £30

2 rod 1/2 day - £5

Adult 2 rod 48hr - £40


Adult 2 rod 60hr - £50


Concessions & Juniors Full Day & Session

PLANTATION LAKE & PRAIRIE LAKE- Adult & Accompanied juniors only, minimum tackle requirements apply* No half day tickets.

1 rod day - £6.50

2 rod day - £15

2 rod day - £8.50

2 rod 24hr - £25

2 rod 24hr - £15

2 rod 36hr - £35

2 rod 36hr - £25

2 rod 48hr - £45

2 rod 48hr - £30

2 rod 60hr - £55

2 rod 60hr - £35

2 rod 72hr - £65

Please note all tickets on North Lake, Pullens Lake and West end Lake are for 3 rods, there is no discount if you fish 1 or 2 rods.

24hr tickets on the Pleasure Lakes, are for 2 rods, there is no discount if you only fish 1 rod and ticket prices on Plantation & Prairie Lakes are for 2 rods no discount for 1 rod.

All juniors (under the age of 17) must be accompanied by a responsible adult of at least 21 years of age at all times.

Concessions (OAP/Disabled) weekday only, not available weekends or Bank holidays.Concessions are not available on the specimen lakes; North, Pullens, Westend, Plantation and Prairie Lakes.

Opening Times

Open all year, 7 days a week, until December 23rd; the fishery re-opens on January 2nd.

Summer Opening Hours 7.00am-7.00pm - Winter Opening Hours 7.00am-5.30pm

This is a secure, patrolled site with CCTV. The gates are locked every day, strictly at the above mentioned closing times. There is no access to the fishery between closing and opening times except in an emergency.

An Environmental Agency license is required to fish these waters. The fishery allows a maximum of three rods per angler on the specimen lakes only (2 licences are required for 3 rods!).

All night fishermen are to be on the complex at least 30 minutes before the fishery closes.

There are no concessions for any of the specimen lakes.

For security purposes night fishermen's vehicles will be locked in on the site at closing time until 7.00am the following morning. Anglers may leave during the night for emergencies only.

Non-fishing night guests are limited to 1 per fishermen per night and must pay a £10.00 insurance premium.

No tents, windbreaks or non-fishing related camping gear to be used. Recognisable fishing bivvies or umbrellas only.

Fishing is from recognisable swims or pegs only.

Under no circumstances are vehicles to be driven onto the lakeside. Parking in designated areas only.

Net dip tanks are provided on every lake, please use them for nets, slings and un-hooking mats.

All fish to be returned to the water safely and as quickly as possible. Any abuse of the fish will result in the angler being banned!

Barbless hooks only. No bent hooks, safety rigs only. Unsuitable tackle will be confiscated. No baitboats, sea fishing tackle or unattended rods. No keepnets. No sacking. No leadcore. No wire traces, treble hooks. live bait, dead bait or lure (spinning) fishing.

No nuts allowed under any circumstances, all particles must be correctly prepared. Unsuitable bait will be confiscated. If in doubt ask a bailiff.

No dogs, wading, swimming or walking on ice.

No fires or unsupported BBQs. No continuously burning lights at night. No loud radios or TVs.

No litter, especially waste nylon. Bins are provided, use them.

No trespassing into the adjoining fields or woodland. Anyone caught entering the fishery outside hours will be treated as a criminal and may be prosecuted.

24-hour toilet facilities are provided. Use them or be banned!

Treat other anglers with respect. No poaching swims or casting over lines, only fish your water. In the event of a dispute ask a bailiff, do not take the law into your own hands!

Alcohol is to be used sensibly and in moderation. Any bad behaviour caused by its abuse will result in serious recriminations and possible criminal charges, remember you are on private property.

A 5 MPH speed limit is in force on the entire complex, do not ignore it.

The management accepts no responsibility for injury, death, loss, damage or theft to persons, cars or equipment whilst on the complex and reserves the right to close all or parts of said complex at any time. Damage to the complex will result in prosecution.

Any subject not covered by these rules is at the discretion of the management. If you are in any doubt ask. Any problems or occurrences are to be reported to the management.

Fishing lodge on site stocks bait, terminal tackle and also light refreshments.

Shower block is available for overnight anglers.

The Lodge and several areas of the lakes have been designed with the disabled angler in mind. The building has a shallow access ramp, extra wide doors with no sills and a fully fitted disabled toilet. Several of the lakes have hard ramps and level all-weather swims to facilitate the use of wheel chairs.