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Decoy Lake - Decoy Country Park

Decoy Road

Newton Abbot


Tel : 01626 215 773

Teignbridge District Council

Fish Species

Bream, Eels, Perch, Pike, Roach, Rudd & Tench


  • Tickets must be purchased from the cafe/kiosk prior to fishing

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  • Take care of wildlife and water birds
  • One permit per angler
  • Maximum two rods per permit
  • Fishing allowed from marked pegs only
  • Fishing allowed from one hour before sunrise
  • Fishing allowed to one hour after sunset
  • Hooks must be barbless
  • Weights must be lead free
  • Use a landing net for large fish
  • Return fish to the water quickly
  • No keep nets
  • No ground-bait or pre-baiting
  • No unattended baited rods
  • No live fish as bait
  • No multiple hooks

  • Car parking is available on site