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Corby Boating Lake

Cottingham Road



Tel : 01536 203 700

Corby Borough Council

Fish Species

Carp, Chub, Perch, Roach & Rudd

Corby Borough Resident




Juniors 12-16 - Senior Citizen & Unemployed


Non Resident




Juniors 12-16 - Senior Citizen & Unemployed


  • All under 12's  fish for free

You will fish in a manner in which is in no way detrimental to wildlife or fish.

Any hooked birds to be reported to cafe staff immediately.

Footpaths must not be obstructed at any time.

You must carry a current EA License.

You must use only barbless hooks (shop bought only, no micro).

You do not spin for fish.

You do not use ground bait.

You fish at peg numbers only, one person per peg.

You do not remove fish from the lake.

You do not put fish into the lake.

No rubbish is left at the lake.

No junior to use two rods at one time.

No floating baits.

No keep nets to be used in this lake, except in official matches.

All bait to be carried in bait boxes, no tins.

Under 12's to be accompanied by an ADULT at all times.

Unhooking matts compulsory (for large fish).

Night fishing by appointment only contact the Boating Lake office for further information on 01536 203700.

  • Lakeside cafe is open every day 8.30am - 4pm for a variety of hot food, snacks, beverages & ice creams.

  • Children's play areas consist of Boating Lake Adventure Site & Boating Lake Cafe area.