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Bradshaw Hall Fisheries

Slack Lane

off Bradshaw Road




Tel : 01204 307 197

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries

Fish Species *Specimen Carp*

Barbel, Bream, Carp, Chub, Crucian, Ide, Perch, Roach, Rudd & Tench




1 Rod

2 Rods

1 Rod

2 Rods






7 Visits








Match Prices £8 per peg - Junior/Disabled £6 per peg

Bradshaw Fisheries Rules

  • Two keepnets to used from the start of all matches (club and opens)

  • Nets to be placed behind your peg drying out and only placed in the water 15 mins before the all in. 60 lb limit per keepnet anything between 60lb-80lb will not count if you have over 80lb the whole net will be disqualified (club and open matches)

  • All feeders and bombs must be free running to a bead

  • No elasticated methods or fixed rigs

  • The floating methods and feeder and all adaptations of these methods are banned

  • All jigger floats are banned (club and open matches)

  • When fishing the pole you must use a pole rig with a correctly shotted float the tip of your float must be a minimum of 6 inches from your connector or elastic - no over shotting (open and club matches)

  • 8 pint bait limit per match (club and open matches)

  • 16 meter pole limit on all matches

  • No cups over the water before all in (open matches only)

  • Barbless hooks only maximum size 12

  • Please net all fish that should be netted

  • All braid line banned

  • Landing nets must be dipped

  • No litter or alcohol on the bank

  • All litter to be taken home or placed in bins

  • No trout pellet or trout oil

  • No nuts

  • No cat/dog meat

  • Ground bait in moderation max 2 kilo per angler

  • No floating the pole

  • No tins allowed on banks

  • No dogs allowed

  • No running on banks

  • No fires or cooking on banks

  • 2 rods maximum for all anglers

  • No fishing without ticket

  • Keep ticket for inspection

Lake 2 Rules

  • We operate a two rod maximum. If you wish to use two rods you must purchase a two rod day ticket

  • All anglers must have suitable unhooking equipment: A 42 inch landing net, a quality unhooking mat, we strongly recommend the use of carp care kits such as Kryston Klinik (sold on site)

  • Barbless hooks only, maximum size 4

  • No fixed leads: Leads must be able to eject in the event of a snap off. Rig checks will be made and dangerous rigs will not be tolerated. If in doubt ask at the shop.

  • No braided main line (Braided hook links are allowed)

  • No unattended rods. If you go for a walk around the lake reel in, the next swim along is acceptable, unless you are snag fishing.

  • No sacking of fish, all fish to be returned to the water as soon as possible

  • No bait boats

  • We suggest a minimum of 12lb breaking strain line

  • Strictly no alcohol or drugs allowed

  • Please fish within the boundaries of your swim, this is generally half way across the lake and half way to the next swim. If these are unattended it's ok but you must reel in to your water if another angler would like to fish there.

  • Please take your litter home or use the bins provided

  • Fish with courtesy to other anglers at all times.

  • No fires or loud music

  • No Night Fishing