Gone Fishing

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Winter Perch Fishing

When it's cold and most fish only feed for limited periods throughout the day, one fish can be relied upon to provide fun sport and that is the Perch.

As Perch tend to be the only predatory fish stocked within day ticket venues, they can reach specimen sizes quite easily as they gorge themselves on the large numbers of silver fish. I went down to a local day ticket water to try and catch some of the fat perch which inhabit its waters, using a swimfeeder and prawn approach.

Day Ticket Pellet Feeder

During the warm summer months when fish are eager to feed due to their faster metabolism, there is one fishing method which works particularly well in warm weather and that's the inline pellet feeder. In recent years many of the top tackle brands have been producing inline feeders designed primarily for match fishing heavily stocked commercial venues for fish such as a carp. They aren’t just the tool of the match angler though, as they also provide great sport when pleasure fishing.

Canal Carp & Pike

When time is short & you cannot get out fishing as a result of family, social or work commitments, why not try prioritising your time with short roving sessions? You don't need a lot of tackle with this approach as you want to be able to move in & out of swims in minutes whilst looking for fish, plus it's a great bit of exercise depending on how far you walk. Canals & rivers are perfect for this type of fishing & I can't think of a better way than spending a couple of hours on the move hunting fish.