Sweetcorn is a great bait for fishing as it's highly visible, which allows fish to pick it out easily on the lake or river bed. It also has a soft inner which the vast majority of coarse fish cannot get enough of. It can be bought from any food shop for a relatively cheap price.

Although a delicate bait, sweetcorn can stay firmly on the hook or hair after repeated casts, and is an excellent addition to groundbaits, spod mixes or loose feed.

How To Hook

Sweetcorn can either be fished with one or two grains on the hook using either rod or pole. If you are not getting bites, try and bury as much of the hook within the corn, but leaving enough of the point of the hook showing to enable you to hook fish when striking.

Sweetcorn can also be tipped off with another bait such as maggot or worm when targeting bream, roach & tench. Hair rigged sweetcorn is an excellent bream, carp & tench catcher.

Butterfly Effect

If fishing on the drop with either rod or pole, it can pay to squish the soft inner of the corn out so it flutters whilst falling through the water, this fluttering of the corn can attract extra bites.




1 - Squeeze the inside out between your fingers

2 - You should now be left with a yellow hollow shell with a little corn still inside

3 - Now hook the corn & cast in - remember this flutter effect means a very good chance of a bite on the drop so be ready to strike!