Sausage Meat

The two of the most commonly used sausage meats have to be cheap tinned supermarket hot dogs & the sausage with attitude Peperami. Cheap hot dogs are great when fishing the margins for carp & tench, but aren't robust enough to be cast any great distance. That isn't a problem for Peperami as the sausage is tightly packed & surrounded by a tough durable skin, this combination allows Peperami to be cast great distances with confidence.

Better still Peperami comes foil wrapped so will last ages in your tackle bag & even serves as a tasty snack if hungry!

How To Hook

The hook can be buried within hot dogs as long as it can pull free when striking and Peperami can be fished on the hook and is great way of catching carp & tench whilst pole or float fishing.

Sides of Peperami can be snipped off to help more oily flavours leak out to attract fish - It can also be fished popped up with fake corn. A Boilie like shape of sausage meat is great at casting long distances due to their aerodynamic shape.

Make Your Own Sausage Meat

Making your own sausage meat bait couldn't be easier and is a great inexpensive way of catching chub & carp. As with all homemade baits, there is always room for experimentation with flavours, below is a guide on how to make spicy sausage meat which is excellent to use either on the hook or hair.

Sausage meat from any supermarket or butcher, chilli flakes, curry powder & paprika for spice. Simply mix together all the ingredients and work with hands until fully mixed.

Now roll into any shape you like - creating small sausages which can be broken into smaller pieces is a good idea, as is boilie shapes for mounting on hair rigs. Cook in the oven for 180c for around 15-20 minutes turning occasionally - once out of the oven leave to cool down before using.