• Lough Carrick

  • Rules

Lough Carrick

Controlling Rights :

Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

Fish Species

Bream, Perch, Pike & Roach

Free Fishing

Licensing Information :

  • A coarse licence is required by law for anyone over 12 years of age in the DCAL area & for all ages in the FCILC area - Further infromation can be found on the DCAL website.

General Rules

  • Single hooks only -  no trebles
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Use a strong rod and line to subdue a fish quickly
  • Keep handling time to a minimum
  • Make sure your hands are wet before handling fish
  • Avoid squeezing the fish
  • It is illegal to use gaffs in the DCAL and Loughs Agency areas
  • Support the fish in the water preferably in a gentle current and with the fish facing upstream - be patient as recovery can take several minutes, wait until the fish recovers sufficiently to swim away from you
  • Use pliers to remove hooks. If hooks are too deep and removal will lead to damage or delayed release, cut the line as near to the hook as possible