Fishing Knots

Double Overhand Knot

Grinner Knot

This is a great knot for creating a strong loop on hook lengths, it can be used in conjunction with the loop to loop to provide a strong yet easily changed connection between main line and hook length.

The grinner knot is a strong & reliable knot which is perfect for attaching mono or braid to swivels & hooks.

Half Blood Knot

Knotless Knot

The half blood knot like the grinner knot is a strong & reliable knot used for tying directly to the hook or swivel.

This knot is used to present the bait on hair & not directly on the hook, this allows harder baits such as boilies & pellets to be used, which otherwise could not be mounted on the hook. This presentation provides the fish with no hook resistance when it first takes the bait, which helps to increase hook ups.

Loop to Loop

Palomar Knot

The loop to loop is used to attach main line and hook lengths together. Although it is not strictly a knot, it does allow the angler to attach two lines together & also to take them apart without having to cut any line, which is great when you need to change hook lengths quickly.

The palomar knot is regarded as one of the strongest knots to use when attaching line to a swivel or hook.

Spade End Knot

Stop Knot

This knot is also known as the domhoff knot & tends to be used in conjunction with smaller hook patterns by match anglers, however this knot can be used to great effect with larger hooks, and is particularly effective when creating chod rigs to help with hook presentation

For smaller hooks, a hook tyer from the tackle shop can help you create this knot in matter of seconds.

The stop knot is used when float fishing in deep water with the aid of a slider float. The knot has the ability to move along the line and allow the float to attain the correct depth. This knot can also be tied onto the main line with thin pole elastic to act as a distance marker to aid accurate casting.