Bait Suppliers

CC Moore

"At CC Moore & Co Ltd we strive to produce fishing baits of the highest possible quality, giving anglers the greatest chance of catching in any given situation. Whether using boilies, pellets, particles, groundbaits or spod mixes you can rest assured that if you’re sat behind rods baited with CC Moore products you’ve taken your first steps to angling success."

Bag Up Baits

"Bag up baits is the fishing bait website for Carp and Match Anglers. We sell our quality freshly made baits to you much cheaper than other Bait companies and tackle shops in the UK."

Baits Direct

"Baits Direct produce a range of baits under our own brand that are of high quality and are some what cheaper than the brand names, we are able to achieve this by using 'no frills' packaging and by keeping advertising costs to the minimum. Give them a try, you'll be impressed!"

Dynamite Baits

"Dynamite Baits is Europe’s biggest carp bait manufacturer, also specialising in the creation of match groundbaits, pellets and predator baits."

Galaxy Baits

"Galaxy Baits have new approach giving the carp something back . All products contain Medi-Chlorian a worldclass, carp rearing immune booster.

Heathrow Bait Services

"Many, many years of knowledge and experience from Ian Russell has gone into the creation of HBS. But with the input of the new ‘Team’ with Aquaculture, fish digestion and health and welfare have created the best range of baits on the market today, giving you the angler the ultimate edge over any other baits on the market."

Hellfire Carp Baits

"Hellfire carp baits is a fast expanding new and exciting concept in carp bait production. Made by carp anglers for carp anglers."

Hinders Baits

"Hinders is an established family business that has been trading for over 80 years. We have been dedicated to Fishing Bait and Tackle for the last 15 of those building a reputation for quality bait along the way."

Kent Particles

"Kent Particles selection of carp bait ranges from Boilies, Pop-ups & Hookers, Paste, Bait Dips, Liquids & Oils, Pellets, Particles, Groundbait, Base Mixes and Bulk Boilie Deals that are freshly prepared, rolled and delivered to your door. All of our carp bait boilies are made from the highest quality ingredients and are all hand mixed and hand rolled to give the best results possible."

Mainline Baits

"Talk Carp Bait and before long the name Mainline Baits will be mentioned. This is because since Mainline Baits was founded it has been synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible, and the capture of carp from all over the world."


"At Marukyu we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality bait in the world – designed and engineered specifically to catch UK fish. Importantly for you, the angler, our baits are designed to help you catch more fish. Whatever your standard and abilities are, we honestly believe that Marukyu baits will help you catch more. In fact we know they will."

Mistral Baits

"Mistral Baits always offers the very best. Everything we make is thoroughly researched and field tested so that we know the end product catches carp."

Nash Baits

"The reason that Nashbait is the premier boilie producer and distributor in the UK and beyond is that carp, both British and Foreign, like our boilies best!"

Northern Monkeys Specialist Hook Baits

"Northern Monkeys specialize in the production and supply of dedicated hook-baits for Carp and Catfish."


"A range of carp baits that has taken over two decades to perfect. Here’s hoping that our baits and products can play a part in catching you the fish of your dreams."

Premier Baits

"Established in 1986, we have been at the forefront of bait development for nearly 25 years! We boast an impressive range of products designed to improve your fishing."

Quest Baits

"If your mission is to catch more carp, then our passion is to help you do it."


"Richworth were the first company in the world to produce ready made

boilies way back in 1983. Richworth is a family run business and we strongly

believe you can only produce the finest baits from the finest ingredients.

This is why we stick by our statement where quality counts."


"Producer of high quality baits & groundbaits used by many of today’s top anglers."

Severn Baits

"Here at Severn Baits we believe that the quality of the ingredients that go into a bait really count. We only use the very best ingredients in our base mixes, all of which are sourced from extremely reputable and respected sources. We have chosen ingredients that not only combine well to make a firm and well textured bait, but also enable carp to acquire the nutrients they need to grow and fulfil their daily routines."

Trent Baits

“Here at Trent Baits we pride ourselves on offering not just top quality products but also top quality service. Quite simply the whole of our range of bait and additives is what we firmly believe to be the best there is.”

UK Bait Company

"At UK Bait Company, in Brentwood Essex, we offer high quality rolled carp bait, carp boilies and particles.​

We also offer high quality carp bait ingredients to help you make your own quality carp fishing bait and carp boilies like flavourings, essences, fishmeals, colourings, preservatives and much more."

Yorkshire Bait Company

“Bait designed specifically to give the match and pleasure angler a wide choice of flavours and options.”