Fake Baits

The explosion of artificial baits over the last few years has occurred as a direct result of them catching fish & specimen sized ones too. They come in many different types such as bread, corn, maggots, worms & snails to name few. They also come in a variety of different colours such as bright pink or fluorescent glow in the dark green & yellow.

They offer a number of advantages over "normal" baits, firstly they are buoyant which allows baits to be presented popped up, something which may not be possible with their real counterparts without the aid of foam, which when used can hamper presentation. Secondly, artificial baits are extremely robust, which means smaller nuisance fish & crayfish cannot whittle them away, this gives the angler extra confidence that there is still bait on the other end of the line.

How To Hook

Using fake corn in conjunction with normal baits such as luncheon meat allows the ability provide a different presentation such as popped up meat. The visual yellow sight of the corn also gives feeding fish something to home in on. Maggots or worms can be used to great effect when camouflaging hook shanks to help fool wary pressurised fish.