Cheese is a cheap, readily available, and when used at the right time can be a very effective bait for the majority of coarse fish. Supermarkets are crammed full of exotic types of cheeses, so there is a real opportunity for experimentation with different types, many of which have different aromas and textures.

When used on rivers you can expect to catch barbel & chub, on still waters it's a great way of catching marginal carp & tench.

Cheese can be used directly on the hook, hair rig or in paste form and usually helps catch a better stamp of fish.

How To Hook

Cheese can also be mounted directly on the hook in any shape you can cut off or

cut to any size or shape and hair rigged

When fishing cheese paste directly on the hook, mould the paste around the hook completely and make sure the paste is soft enough that the hook can lift through when striking

Paste cage's such as the ones from Korum are a great way of ensuring paste stays on for a long distance cast or in flowing water.




1 - Start by tying a paste cage to the end of a hair rig with a half blood or grinner knot

2 - Press the cage into paste until the inside is filled

3 - Mould more paste around the outside prior to casting

Cheese Paste

Below is a basic step by step to creating a cheesy paste from Blue Stilton, Parmesan & short crust pastry.

Start by rolling out a flat square with your pastry.

Add grated cheese and any other flavouring you require on top of the pastry.

Fold over to form a parcel and begin to knead by hand until a soft even textured paste is created.

Once finished, the paste can be used straightaway or frozen until needed. Cheese paste stores well and can be refrozen if you have any left over from a fishing trip.