Cat food has been used in recent years to great success, often accounting for bream, carp & tench. Its meaty juices tend to attract fish to feed and can be mounted on the hook easily depending on the brand used.

In recent years it has been banned from use on many fisheries around the country due to anglers overfeeding. This overfeeding creates a carpet on the bottom which rots and releases the many oils found within the meat, which can then contribute to poor water quality - If using this bait, it is recommend to use sparingly to avoid any undue effects on the watercourse.

How To Hook

Cat meat is most effective when used in conjunction with a pole, as the bait doesn't have to withstand the pressures of a cast. The pressure of casting doesn't rule out the rod entirely, as fishing in the margins on a float rod where a gentle under arm cast will get you to marginal reeds is a great tactic for catching summer carp & tench. The meat can also be given a slightly rubbery texture if left exposed to sunlight for short periods, this slight drying out will help give a better hook hold.

Although quite delicate, cat food can be hooked & fished in the margins or used when pole fishing.

Dusting the meat with dry groundbait gives the bait that extra appeal when it gets in the water.

Groundbait dusted cat food tipped with corn on a hair rig is a great way of catching summer carp.

Pushing cat food through a riddle can break down the cat meat into smaller pieces, making it a great addition to a groundbait mix.