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Canvey Lake

Denham Road

Canvey Island


Tel : 01268 683 965

Canvey Island Town Council

Fish Species

Bream, Carp, Perch, Roach & Rudd

Free Fishing

Canvey Island Town Council has imposed a "No Fishing Zone" over part of Canvey Lake.  The zone covers that part of the lake, which was previously reserved by Castle Point Borough Council for the use of Canvey Island Coarse Anglers. This is at the western end of the lake, near the Oysterfleet Hotel.

Rules of Fishing

Fishing is permitted for all designated users in the designated areas only.

  • Fishing is strictly limited from dawn to dusk during British Summer Time (sunrise and sunset GMT) and thereafter from dawn to 8pm.  Night fishing is prohibited.

  • All Anglers aged 12 years or over must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency rod licence.  Any children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.  

  • Fishing is only permitted in the designated areas. Vegetation or aquatic weeds must not be cut or removed without first obtaining permission from the Town Council.  

  • All fish must be returned to the water immediately after being caught.

  • The movement of fish stocks from one body to another is strictly prohibited.

  • All litter and waste must be removed from your swim, even if it is not your own (Litter includes cigarette butts).  

  • No radios or other musical equipment shall be used while on site.  All noise shall be kept to a minimum.

  • No campfires must be lit on the ground.  

  • Vehicles are prohibited from the lake area.

  • Anglers must abide by the general open spaces bylaws.

  • Any infringement of these rules or other anti-social activities witnessed must be reported to the Town Council or Police.


  • Except by prior consent Anglers are restricted to 2 x Rod or 2 x Pole per person.

  • Barbless hooks must be used. (micro barbed or semi barbed)

  • Shot weight must be lead free

  • Keep nets are not permitted

  • Nut baits are not permitted

  • All unused bait must be removed from site, to prevent rats.

  • To prevent harm to wildlife please remove any discarded fishing tackle.

  • Tents are not permitted.

Note - The Town Council maintains the following rights:

  • To ban any fishing method or bait it deems to be causing harm to fish or wildlife.

  • To use and reserve any area of the lakes for its own purposes, such as pond dipping or conservation tasks.

  • To suspend all fishing and access to the park or certain areas of the park in extreme circumstances such as a risk to public safety.