• Bourne Valley Park

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Bourne Valley Park

Turbary Close


Tel : 01202 261 325

Borough of Poole

Fish Species

Carp, Roach & Rudd

Free Fishing

  • Barbless hooks only

  • No keepnets

  • No litter

  • The lake was excavated in September 2006 and left to settle and 'mature' before it was stocked in October 2007.

  • It is fed by natural springs, groundwater and rainwater. Only during very heavy rainstorms will the Bourne Stream overflow into it - Water levels are controlled by an outlet pipe.

  • Two submerged islands created in the lake have become vegetated and will provide a refuge for fish.

  • Two wooden fishing platforms have been provided, and earth 'ramps' created from the upper level to the lower terrace to allow access by wheelchair users.

  • The lake edges slope gently to a depth in the centre of the lake of about 1.5-2m.

  • The lake has been created and stocked courtesy of the Environment Agency's Angling Participation Projects funding, and the fishery is managed by local volunteers. Fishing here is free of charge - no permit required.