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Council Takes Drastic Action To Stop Illegal Fishing

Swindon Council has used tax payers money to have fish removed from the Wiltshire & Berkshire canal in a bid to reduce illegal fishing.

Angler Lands 64lb Sturgeon Whilst Pole Fishing

Jason Le Bosquet battled for an hour to land the massive Sturgeon whilst pole fishing in a championship qualifier at Lindholme Lakes.

1.2 Million Eels Caught To Aid Conservation

A huge catch of elvers which will be moved from the lower reaches of the River Parrett upstream have been netted in one night by the Sustainable Eel Group in a bid to help threatened eel stocks. Topic to discuss this story can also be found on the forum.

Preston Innovations For Sale

David Preston of Preston Innovations has put his firm on the market which includes the popular brands of Korum, Avid Carp & Sonubaits which is reportedly worth £25m.

John Bailey praises the work of the EA on the river Wensum

John Bailey spent a day with the EA on the river Wensum and provides an insight into the often unseen work the EA do on rivers such as the Wensum up and down the country.

Gone Fishing

Where To Fish

Winter Perch Fishing

Fishing for winter perch using king prawns and red maggots.

Day Ticket Pellet Feeder

Fishing a pellet feeder on a prolific day ticket water for consistent action.

Free & Day Ticket Venues

Looking to find a place to fish in your local area or another part of the United Kingdom?

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Beginners Guide

Fishing is one of the UK's most popular past times & attracts hundreds of thousands of people to rivers & lakes each year. Not only is it an exciting thrill to see & catch fish, it's also extremely relaxing to witness wildlife going about its business on or around the water.

So If you are new to fishing or getting back into the sport after a few years away, then this guide is here to help you select the tackle you need, show you how to set up a rod & reel, how to cast & most importantly how to safely handle your catch. So what are you waiting for, start planning your next fishing trip now!

UK Coarse Fish Species

This section provides detailed information on the most popular coarse fish species found within the UK's rivers & still waters.

Baits & Lures

Information on the most popular coarse fishing baits can be found within this section, from making your own boilies to using pellets in a flatbed feeder.

A-Z Of Fishing Jargon

Understanding some of the baffling terms used within angling can be difficult, here is a handy list to help make sense of all the jargon.

Fishing Knots

Here are the most popular knots used within coarse fishing with pictures of how to create them.

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